2021 Mustang News & Cornwall Connection

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The Mustang News is a weekly newscast created and directed by the ASB & TMMS Leadership team to share out school, local, national, and world news, events, and activities.


The Cornwall Connection is a student-created, organized, and led weekly video newscast within our Mustang News to spread awareness about topics such as racial equity, social justice, BIPOC representation and stories, anti-racism, and more.


Did you miss the most recent episode of the

Mustang News & Cornwall Connection?

Watch all of the videos here:


The LAST Mustang News & Cornwall Connection



Episode 1: Spotlight on Amanda Gorman, 2021 National Youth Poet Laureate




Episode 2: Spotlight on Black Lives Matter Movement & new Vice President Kamala Harris



Episode 3: Hair Love & local OSD alumni, Laurel Wilson with Seattle Black Hair Network



Episode 4: Spotlight Marley Dias w/ 1,000 Black Girl Books Project & Teacher-Librarian of 2020, Cicely Lewis w/ the Read WOKE Movement



Episode 5: Spotlight on Thurgood Marshall, Civil Rights Movement, and School Desegregation



Episode 6: BIPOC Female Inventors




Episode 7: Country Spotlight: PHILIPPINES 





Episode 8: BIPOC + Disabled Female Athletes



Episode 9: Stop AAPI Hate & Spotlight on Thailand



Episode 10: BIPOC Women Reclaiming Outdoor Spaces



Episode 11: Ms. Allen shares about her Brazil



Episode 12: Music as Activism &

Special Guest Student Singer


Episode 13: Laila Markland & Environmental Racial Justice and Activism



Episode 14: Battle of the Books Cross-District CHAMPIONS & more...


Episode 15: Ramadan Interview with

Mustang Students


Episode 16: Interview w/ Ms. Badami about New Zealand & Maori Culture



Episode 17: US Overthrow of Hawaiian Monarchy


Episode 18: TMMS Celebrates Pride Month w/ Stonewall Riots History