Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How do I contact my student’s teacher?

Teachers can be contacted through email and voice mail. Visit the staff page on the Thurgood Marshall website for teacher email and website information. The school’s number is 360-596-7600.

How can I check my student's grades?

Please sign up for Skyward Family Access which will allow you to see grades, lunch account, attendance, discipline, class announcements, and more. Forms are available in the office.

Who do I call to report that my child will be absent from school?

Report all absences to the Attendance Office: (360) 596-7603. 

Who is the TMMS Counselor and how do I contact them? 

Ms. Smith is our TMMS Counselor and can be reached at (360) 596-7604.


Who can be a TA?

Teacher Assistants (TA’s) are by request only. Students can be TA’s during their enrichment or PE periods. (PE is a requirement for ½ of the school year). TA’s can work for any staff member.

What music is offered and who can take music?

Thurgood Marshall offers band, choir and orchestra for grades 6, 7, and 8.

How can parents get involved?

Thurgood Marshall has a parent group call the Marshall Community Council (MCC). It serves much like a traditional PTA. Parents are automatically members of the MCC. Thurgood Marshall relies on parent volunteers for the various activities they sponsor such as Activity Nights, theater productions, fundraisers to name a few.

Does Thurgood Marshall have intramural sports?

Track is an intramural sport and happens each spring.