2022 Mustang News & Cornwall Connection

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2022 Cornwall Connection


The Cornwall Connection is a student-created, organized, and led weekly video newscast within our VISCOM class to spread awareness about topics such as racial equity, social justice, BIPOC representation and stories, anti-racism, and more.


Land Acknowledgement: Thurgood Marshall Middle School sits on the stolen lands of the Coastal Salish peoples including, but not limited to the: Squaxin Island, Nisqually, Chehalis, Cowlitz, and Puyallup. May our understanding, connection, education, and respect grow with these vibrant, living tribes still among us today, tomorrow, and since time immemorial.


About The Cornwall Connection:

Former Thurgood Marshall Mustang, Aria Cornwall, launched the Cornwall Connection in the form of morning announcements representing Black History and Excellence February of 2020. Enthusiasm for racial diversity, representation, social justice, and anti-racism work led to the creation of the news broadcast of The Cornwall Connection. Aria Cornwall nurtured, coached, and led a small group of students to research, write, and perform all 2021 Cornwall Connection episodes. Ms. Cornwall's contribution over the past two years, led to the development of our Visual Communications class and the continuation of the Cornwall Connection dream to be fully student-driven and produced news broadcast that celebrates local, national, and international BIPOC contributions just as much as it tackles hard anti-racists discussions around microaggressions, cultural appropriation, tokenism, colorism, and more.




Did you miss the most recent episode of the Cornwall Connection?

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EPISODE 1: Interview w/ Khurshida Begum & A.S.H.H.O




EPISODE 2: Let's Celebrate Black History Month &

Talk About Cultural Appropriation