Marshall Choirs 2017-2018


Choir Teacher: Ms. Cathy Bennett



Welcome! You are joining a choir with a long history of quality and excellence at Marshall. Here is what you need to know!


Concerts: (Note that most evening concerts are on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. They each run less than an hour. Any changes in dates or times will be immediately updated on our website.)


Conditions: Singers are expected to attend all concerts ~ this is a performance-based class; your concerts are your final exams!

  • Emergency absences from concerts will be excused ONLY with a signed, written explanation or email from your parent/guardian. Non-emergency absences from a concert will not be ex-cused and will earn no points.
  • Concert clothes are required for all* performances: choir shirt and black pants. You must provide your own plain, solid black pants. No crop pants or skirts. Comfortable shoes (no flip flops, etc.) are also required. Black or dark shoes are better if you have them. (*NOTE: For the Broadway concert in June, you need to create/buy/borrow your own costume from a Broadway show, or wear a white dress shirt [collar, long sleeves, buttons] with your black pants. You have nine months. Start now!)
  • Singers are expected to give their best effort every day. It is in our rehearsals where we develop our skills to be quality musicians and performers. Work hard to achieve success for yourself and your team. Your effort grade is based on your rehearsal skills, class work, and concert.
  • Your achievement grade is based on skill development, projects, test scores, and concerts in which you demonstrate how well you meet the vocal, literacy, and performance core standards.
  • Our classroom behavior expectation is that you work towards team success with your words and actions, aiming to build each other up by how you interact together.