Classroom Rules & Expectations

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MustangClassroom Expectation:

Be Respectful

Follow staff/adult directions
Respect individual differences/ideas
Expect the best; give the best
Encourage others and yourself

Be Responsible

Be Responsible
Use appropriate voice levels
Be ready to learn at the start of class
Use time wisely to complete tasks
Wait to be dismissed by staff

Be Safe

Enter the classroom only when an adult is present
Respect other's personal space, belongings, & school property
Move safely

Rules & Procedures:

*Hang your backpack on the hooks outside the classroom
*Bring your planner with you every day
*Bring your chromebook with you everyday unless it is posted to keep it in your backpack for that day
*Have all assignments ready, pencils sharpened, materials on your desk and you in your seat within the first 2 minutes of class
*Always sit in assigned seat
*I do not allow any food in my classroom
*You may chew gum as long as it is not seen, heard, or shared. (this will change if I find gum under chairs or on floor)
*Students may bring water bottles to class but they must be kept on the floor in a sealed container.
*No flavored beverages of any kind in class.
*Students will not leave the class for water.  I have a working fountain in my classroom.
*Students may use the bathroom only when the teacher is not instructing.
*Students who use the bathroom must sign out and take a bathroom pass. (only one student at a time)
*If a student must leave the room for any other reason they will need to take their planner with them.  *The planner must be signed by the adult in the room and they must also sign out on the "sign out" sheet by the door.
*Students are expected to participate in all classroom activities/assignments.
*If a student is absent it is their responsibility to get any missing work.
*Copies of all assignment can be found in the "Extra Copies" crate in the classroom.
*All work assigned in class will either be turned in electronically or using the turn in baskets for their class period.
*I have  a set of textbooks to use in the classroom.  Those books must stay in class.  If you want a text book for the quarter you can check it out from the library.
*I do not allow "free time" activities in class.  There will always be more work the student can do or improvements that students can make.  Absolutely no "Cool Math" games!