Take-home Chromebook initiative begins this fall

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Take-home Chromebook initiative begins this fall

Students on Chromebooks

Beginning in September 2018, students at Marshall and Reeves middle schools will be the first in the Olympia School District to participate in a one-to-one (1:1) take-home Chromebook initiative. In anticipation of a full roll-out of 1:1 mobile computing devices for all students in grades 6-12, as funded by the 2019-2023 Technology and Safety Levy, these two schools will help us develop a model for the rest of the district. Other secondary schools will begin their take-home programs in the 2019-20 school year.

“This is an exciting opportunity for theOlympia School District to provide an essential academic tool to these students with a safe, healthy and balanced approach,” said Marc Elliott, the school district’s chief information officer.


In the first few days of school, Marshall and Reeves students will be issued a Chromebook, much as they are assigned textbooks. Students will receive a device, charger and protective sleeve. Like textbooks, team uniforms, and  other school property issued to students, there is a responsibility to take appropriate care of these valuable resources. The district has developed a plan to manage costs associated with accidents, damage, and loss.


Students will access their documents and online learning resources through their OSD Google accounts. Chromebooks are designed to be operated while connected to the internet, with applications and documents living in the “cloud,” providing a secure and easily-managed system. Students will be able to connect their Chromebooks to their school, home or local public Wi-Fi. Students without access to home Wi-Fi may contact their school for assistance.


As the district moves forward with this model, it is important to note that Chromebooks are the current choice for the district's 1:1 initiative, but the emphasis is on instructional strategies that support a student-centered classroom. The Olympia School District is working to create an environment of equity, access to information and resources, innovation, digital health and well-being, and student ownership in learning. Teachers and students will remain focused on content knowledge and skills while the technology increases opportunities to think critically, create, communicate, and collaborate.


More information will be provided to Reeves and Marshall students and families as the new school year approaches.