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Battle of the Books 2017

CONGRATULATIONS all Battle of the Books Participants! 

1st place: Book Warriors

2nd place: Anonymous

3rd place: Bookworms

4th place: 5 Guys Book, Fries 


*Teacher Battle is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th during Core/Flex time in the library. "May the odds be ever in your favor." -Hunger Games






Battle of the Books (BoB) is an optional activity in which students form teams, read from a set list of books, and compete against other teams on their epic knowledge of those books. Battle of the Books begins in January and runs until March 30th. Teams must read all twelve books and pass all twelve AR tests to achieve eligibility by the deadline: March 17th. So how do kids get started????

1.) FORM A TEAM: Choose 3-5 people to form a team and create a team name. Last chance to register teams is January 27th. (Submit your Team Pledge to Mrs. White or Mrs. Papaly)

2.) CREATE A BATTLE PLAN: Fill out the Battle Plan form to decide who will read each book. (Turn in forms to Mrs. White or Mrs. Papaly)

3.) BATTLE PREP: Practice questions for each book will be available by request in the library starting February 22nd, 2017. You are welcome to create your own battle questions, cue cards, or any other practice techniques before the games. 

4.) AR QUALIFYING TEST: All teams are required to pass an AR Test with 60% or higher for each BoB book in order to qualify for the official BoB Games. AR Tests must be done and noted on the team's Quiz Sheet on or before March 17th. Link to Accelerated Reader 

5.) MMS BoB GAMES: The official MMS BoB Games will be held during the week of March 20th-24th during school hours. 

6.) BoB INTER-SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP: The winning MMS BoB team will go on to compete against Jefferson, Washington, Reeves, and Griffin middle school champions on March 30th. 


Link to Accelerated Reader

Link to Battle of the Books Official Page


Important Dates: 

  • Last day for teams to register is January 27th, 2017
  • Last chance to take an AR Test to qualify for the MMS Games is March 17th. 
  • The official MMS BoB Games will be March 20th-24th during lunchtime. 
  • Inter-School Championships is scheduled for March 30th.